You can benefit from our delivery services to improve the performance of your business and deliver your customers’ requests in time and with the right quality

Same day delivery

Because we know that time is a decisive factor in business management, we have been keen to provide our services in line with the needs of the market and customers and we have provided a number of transportation means that deliver orders to customers on the same day the order is received.

Dry Delivery

We have special containers to preserve products that are affected by natural factors such as temperature or humidity.

Cooled Delivery

All products that need refrigeration will be completely safe during transport to customers with Yarex  Delivery as our cars are equipped with refrigerators for cooling to maintain the quality of your products and ensure that they reach customers in a very fresh condition.

After delivering orders to customers, we transfer the order value to the merchant within 24 hours only.

Delivery solutions for private companies and institutions

The company has established its foundation in providing the best logistics services to its customers, we provide logistical services to companies and establishments ranging from online groceries to restaurants  online and also offline retail (for any industry seeking to offer a product on a frequent basis)

Our technology platform and delivery network offer some great services

  • Well trained drivers
  • Cost effective delivery platform
  • Fleet equipped with immediate tracking of direct order
  • 24 hours service

We always offer the best

A dedicated fleet, a comprehensive service with well-trained drivers dedicated to your business needs, through passion and commitment, we spare no effort in providing the best and fastest services to our customers, we do everything, from understanding the transportation needs of our customers to finding a solution to the logistics to meet their requirements, our company is committed to providing a wide range of solutions aiming to solve all the problems related to the logistics of our customers.

Trained drivers

Package includes:

1) 6 working days per week – one day off

2) 11 working hours in addition to an hour of rest

3) Appointing a special account manager

4) Complete human resources management (residencies – vacations – health insurance)

5) Training center (general training – safety training – technical training – customer service – hygiene training)

6) Telecom chip (data package and local minutes)

Grades with drivers

Package includes:

1) Maintenance and replacement

2) Insurance within the state

3) Registration and renewal

4) A helmet and a phone holder

5) Delivery box or bag according to the specifications of the Roads and Transport Authority

6) Fuel (maximum)

7) Salik account

8) Place your business logo / trademark on the delivery box

We pledge to our valued customers

A service that lives up to your confidence level.