About us

Yearex Delivery Company, is one of the companies of the Yarex Trading Group, which is active in many commercial, industrial and service fields. We aspire, through Yearex Delivery, to reach international standards and scope of service provision. Our ambitions have no ceiling and we always strive to develop and update and keep pace with the developments of this era and use the latest technology to facilitate our business and improve ways of communication with customers.

Hassan Alkahily

Yearex Group

Trust is not just an advantage we can be proud of, it is one of the most important values that we base our company on.

We don’t just deliver packages to customers, we always make sure that the package arrived on time and without any damage, and we are keen on customer satisfaction for  the level of service

Ayman Al-Kahily

Executive Director
Yarex Group

Yearex Delivery

A leading Delivery Company located in the UAE and our head office is in Dubai.  With our dedicated professional staff, we are gladly able to deliver your shipment to any place around the country. We alway put in mind the importance of having your shipment on time, that’s why we alway put time as our priority along with the safety of your package.
With Yearex Delivery you will alway rest assured that what you asked for is what you get, with care and on time.

You can contact us any time by phone or write us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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